Government wants to improve finance in health sector

Haitian authorities want to adopt strategic plan to improve investment in health sector.
According to government statistics 93 % of Haitian do not have access to health infrastructure.
Minister of health, Florence Guillaume Duperval, reveals efforts will help to modernized health system.
Efforts must be taken in attract investments from entrepreneurs and NGO.
Private sector invests less than 0.39 dollar and NGO less than 0.02 dollar, she said.
Minister Duperval indicates that government must also increase funds to health system.
According to Mrs. Duperval 7 % of fund in this sector come from national authorities.
We must realize significant steps, she said.
Haitian Government spent 5 dollars for each citizen and Dominican government almost 315 dollars.
Minister Duperval urges Haitian elites to invest in their health security.
This will help save life and money, said Mrs. Duperval revealing that 30 millions of dollars are spent by Haitians in other countries.
Haitian citizen spent 21 dollars for health services.
This contributes to increase poverty, regret Mrs. Duperval.

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